Monday, June 01, 2009

The New Smoker

What do you do when you are land locked due to the weather and you have just had your new smoker deliver the night before....?

You go to the butchers and stock up for a mega smoke out!

So after a quick trip the 'The Butchers Block" in Silverdale, we had some nice Pork Sausages, a Free Range Chicken, some Free Range Chicken drum sticks and a piece of Lamb.

As we did not have time for marinating the meats and we wanted to see how the smoker worked on its own we just oiled it with olive oil and season it with salt and pepper.

We then loaded the the meat into the racks and slid them into the smoker.
This the Bradley Digital Smoker , 6 Rack model.
It can smoke a tonne of meat! we had two racks spare!

It was preheated to 100C and I set it up to smoke for 1hr 40 min, and then cook for a further 3hr 20 min.

The smoke unit is on the left hand side and you put preformed wooden briquettes in the stacker, which looks like a chimney.

All the times and temperature are controlled electronically, so that's all you have to do , except wait.
Each briquette last about 20 mins and is 'shuffled' into the water bowl you can see at the bottom of the smoker there.

For todays session we used the 'Special Blend' smoking briquettes, which are similar to Manuku we are told.

We had our smoker on the top desk and 3hours in we got hit by a storm, gale winds and driving rain hit the front of the house. Normally this spot is fairly sheltered and dry, not today, and I had tip the table on the deck on its side to give it some protection from the elements.

As it was struggling to , maintain the cooking temperature of 100c we decided to get the meat out, at the 4.5 hr mark, it had had all its smoking time and was just slowly cooking.
We tested the meat temperatures; the lamb was done, the chicken was nearly done and we just gave the sausages and drum sticks a little time in the house oven to ensure they were!

The results:

The lamb was cooked between rare and medium rare, we took a sliver of the edge to taste it, it is good. This will be dinner on the Queen Birthday holiday, here in NZ.

The chicken legs are great, we had them as part our dinner on the Sunday. Freya really like these and has two on her own.

The sausages were also had with Sunday dinner, I have to say they are awesome, I suspect a good base product, added to be the smoking.

The chick looks great, as we have some much meat cooked we let this cool and I have 'vac packed' it and it is in the freezer , readly for another easy meal another day.

All in all I good inaugural smoke out, we have tonnes of recipes to try and can't wait.

I just need to get some fishing in , and will target a Kingi now I have the smoker to deal with all the meat!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mackenzie's Volcano

As you may have heard of by now, Mackenzie set him sef the project of building a working model of a volcano.

We have uploaded the video we made of the second firing of the volcano.
Its big, but if you are on adsl2 , it should not take too long to down load, it is 73mb though!

Link is on the left hand side, enjoy!


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hi there again, we have been away for a long weekend to Mount Maunganui.

Here are the photo's (They are in the Album...):


We stayed at Christine and Eugene's place, and it was awesome.

Only away for a long weekend , but all relaxed and enjoyed ourselves, so it felt a lot longer.

It only took just over 2.5hrs to get there from the North Shore, Auckland.

Here's a view for the non resident people:


Friday, December 26, 2008

Just Uploaded!

We have created a new album link and this years Xmas shots are there for viewing!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hi There

Well, I'm impressed that you have bothered to come back to the site.
I never update it , well hardly, and this post is a cop out.

We are coming back to visit the UK in 2009!
Our flights are booked...

We will be in th UK from 28th June thru' 23rd July, we will be in London, Kent and North Wales.

Hopefully see you then! please email us to arrange....

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


As much as I liked the idea of selling up , leaving the UK and moving to New Zealand and never having to work again….. It was never going to happen!

I knew that I would have to find some work in New Zealand and my skills are in IT.

I researched the job market as best as I could from the UK , and having looked at the forums out there discussing the merits of applying for work locally and remotely, I opted for the move to New Zealand then find work option.

I had decided I would make as many contacts as I could from the UK and work with the minimum number of Recruitment agencies in New Zealand and give my self the benefit of doing interviews and speaking to people face to face.

Many people who know me were surprised of this approach, but I wanted to have a bit more choice over where I landed up in NZ and whom I worked for , rather than take the more limited approach of dealing with the limited companies that would do the recruitment process completely remotely. Besides I did not want to alert my current employer as to what was going on….

The reality was that I had far more contacts in Wellington than Auckland, and that would have been the natural place to go to find work.
I wanted to see Auckland, the location , weather , sailing etc had more appeal to me then Wellington.

Anyway, we booked our flights to Auckland and a bach (see earlier posting) , we viewed any period of time I was not working as a holiday….
As it has turned out I got no holiday and really hit the ground running, read on.

Having made some appointments to see agents in Auckland in the first week , I attended the first meeting on the Tuesday of the first whole week when we arrived. ( We arrived on the previous Friday). This was with Neil Andrews & Associates, initially with a lady who was going to go through my CV with me , assess my skills and experience and then talk to the client account managers.
As it happened she brought another gentleman into the meeting , who had some ideas on where he could place me. From this initial meeting we discussed some roles in EDS New Zealand, and specifically a short contract that was available in the Unix Design Team.
Now, I know the people out there who know my technical background may be a little surprised at this, but it was not a hands on role and the agent persuaded me that I would have the relevant skills/experience to do the role….
So, I finished the meeting with them and left them with permission to present me to EDS. The agent called me back the next morning (Wednesday) saying the EDS would like to interview me that afternoon. I was very surprised, both about how quickly it had happened and that I was a possible fit for the role. I agreed and got to ready to go to the interview that afternoon.

The interview was in central Auckland, in the CBD (City Business District). The CBD runs right up to the harbour and is actually quite small , I guess like London's 'square mile'. I managed to park practically outside on a meter and went into the purpose built building .
The interview went very well, I got on well with the guy conducting the interview and felt that I answered the questions he asked well. By the time I had finished the interview I thought it likely that I would be offered the contract, and fed that back to the agent. The agent was pleased with the feedback and a little surprised that I had been able to 'read' that into the interview.
Sure enough, when he called me back Thursday morning he confirmed that EDS wanted to offer me the role, I was amazed at the speed things had happened but thought it would be a good opportunity to get involved with a major IT player and gain valuable NZ experience. I said I would confirm me acceptance with him in the afternoon.
I went to another appointment that I had with another agent that afternoon , and having spend some time with their profiler discussed the role and position I had been offered. They were a little gutted not to have the opportunity to present me to EDS themselves , but thought it would be too good an opportunity to miss.
So, I got back to the agent and formally accepted the contract.
Four working days in the country and I had some work to get me started, it was a great start!

Well, that was a while ago and to cut a long story short, I completed the initial three months in the EDS offices in the Auckland CBD, before accepting an extension to the end of June 2007 in the location just over the Auckland Harbour Bridge in a place called Takapuna, on the North Shore. As we wanted to move to the North Shore, this has proven to be ideal and that is where we now live.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


!! Life in New Zealand !!

Hello People

Thanks for all the emails asking how we are and also the abusive ones demanding that we update the site.

I will apologise , once more , for our tardiness, and I have realised servicing all the individual emails has not been that economical  at spreading our progress.


I plan a number of postings over the remainder of this week and plan to cover off the main areas:


You may have noticed the Photo Albums have been added to substantially, if a picture is worth a thousand words, we have nearly a million words!

Again, happy to give you more information on the pictures as some of you were keen to know where some shots were taken.

I also plan to put a contacts link on the site, we are contactable via Skype and Windows Messenger so we can talk (and see you!) for free!

Of course more traditional methods work just as well and will supply these as requested!

'See' you soon and hope you enjoy the updates!

Kind Regards

Nick & Family

Thursday, October 12, 2006


!NEW! Photo Album's now Online

Hi All

As promised I have publish some  of the photo's we have taken over the last 4/5 weeks since we have been here in New Zealand.

They are in date order and are a selection of the photos taken in the many different places we have been too.

I have had to reduce the quality to allow me to publish them , but the originals are safely stored.

If there is a particular picture you like, and want a copy, take a note of the album name (in green) and the photo ID below (currently in the nzone 999 range) and drop me an email, I'll send it to you!

If you want to know more about the picture, post a comment on this website and we will give you the details.

Going forward I hope to put comments on the pictures as I publish them, but as usual I ran out of time and just published them without the comments!

Anyway, we are all well and enjoying ourselves.

Keep the emails and comments coming, its great to hear from you all!

Kind Regards,

Nick & Family

Monday, October 09, 2006


Journey to the Bach and our first impressions!

Catch-up Posting:

Apologies for the slow down in the postings, I am trying to catch up!

As we left the Airport Campus towards the Car Rental centre, Debbie and the kids looked around, our driver was quiet and was not going to give us a running commentary….

Debbie asked me about driving over here; was I concerned about it and the different rules?

I confidently replied it would be easy, they drive on the same side of the road in New Zealand and the cars are also right hand drive. To prove the point I looked across at the junction we were stopped at with a red light to see a van bump over the central reservation to get back onto the right side of the road! The driver and I exchanged glances and laughed! Doh!

The rest of the drive was uneventful and we made our way through the region above the airport known as South Auckland, the area was quite build up and had a light industrial feel about it, lots of cars sales yards and various retail outlets. As we drove into the rental forecourt , I spotted a Toyota Estima sitting in the sheltered collection bay and suspected it would be ours. I went into the reception area and went up to the desk to complete the paper work and collect the car keys, I took the additional Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) as any ding or dent, even if we were not responsible would come off the credit card deposit we had to leave.

The girl behind the counter was friendly and helpful, she was interested in what we were over to do; and fascinated with the fact we had just arrived as fresh immigrants. She took us outside to the Estima I had spotted and showed us around it, as I had taken the 'bronze' rental option, it was an older vehicle and not really showroom condition. That said, it was clean inside and out, and the mileage 170,000 kms seemed to have been well handled and the significantly cheaper costs made sense to me.

The car is a MPV as requested , and they had folded up the last row of seats to leave a cavernous space for our pile of luggage, which I unloaded from the pick up van's trailer into the Estima. I retrieved my Pocket PC, GPS Receiver and Pocket PC holder from the luggage first and rigged it up , plugging in the power to the car's cigarette lighter socket. Hopefully this would take the stress out of navigating from the South Auckland region to the West Auckland region and the Bach*. I started up the GPS Software and Receiver and held my breadth, I could not really test the software I had bought in the UK as I was on the wrong side of the world! It took an extended period of time to get a GPS fix, but hey presto the fix was found and a green arrow appeared on the map showing where we were! We were good to go!

With the car loaded with luggage and the children in their car seats we set off, the car was an automatic with a hand lever gear shift and I got off the starting line with no problems… after about a 150m I realised that I had the handbrake on and took that off. The journey was simple we got onto the motorway really easily and made our way north to another motorway which took us west. Our Bach is based in Te Atatu South and as we turned off the motorway the GPS guided us 'in' (The GPS software was developed and written in New Zealand by a company called NAVMAN, but the voice instructions were still with a UK accent! ).

As we entered the suburban streets in the area we would be staying for the next 3 weeks, we looked around and noticed that all the houses were of a similar age , but all differing designs, they were all quite large; either in footprint or where two storey both! What really surprised as was they all seemed to be build right on top of each other. Our immediate thoughts were that this was strange and some what cramped, I know Kiwi's are supposed to be  neighbourly but this seemed a little extreme.

We approached the house on Sherwood Avenue and looked up a steep driveway to the house, it looked great from the outside and the front garden looked great; lush green lawns and a selection of trees. The house has a big covered deck outside with a table and chairs, where the front door is, this is approached by a set of stairs.

(I promise to get some photographs' up on the site very soon)
We all bundled out of the car and I located the letter box at the front of the garden, by the road. Now I should pause here, there is an interesting story as to why I was seeking the letter box…

*When we had finalised out dates for me leaving Fidelity and booking the flights I began an internet search to locate some temporary accommodation while we sorted our selves out. As we wanted separate rooms for the children and somewhere that would take the dog I looked around and discovered the New Zealand 'bach' (This is pronounced 'batch' by the way). Traditionally the bach was a glorified beach hut where families could go away for the weekend and short breaks to their own place. They were quite basic and were not really holiday homes. Today, a bach can still be quite basic, although I believe the original bach has been replaced by more sophisticated properties and often represents a quite grand  place to stay with all creature comforts.  I found a suitable bach, which was really a three bed house  in the region of Auckland referred to as West Auckland, part of the Waitakere City District called Te Atatu South. Anyway, I negotiated a rate for staying an initial 25 days, and sent an email asking how I could get him a deposit to secure the booking. I received an email back saying not to worry about the deposit and the key would be left in the letterbox for us! I was amazed how trusting the arrangement was.

I opened the letterbox and there was a key there, as promised. I ran up to the house with the everyone keen to get in and opened the door. We all went in and explored, I was very happy the house was very clean with simple white walls and a polished wood floor throughout, except the lounge area which was carpeted. The back garden was nice with a patio area, out furniture , the obligatory BBQ , a rockery and a bush growing what looked like grapefruit! The owners had left us a note welcoming us and saying they would be around Sunday to collect payment and had left some beer in the fridge also.

I unloaded the suitcases again, carrying them up the stairs, by the time I was finished I was knackered!
Debbie inspected the bedrooms and the kids decided that they wanted to share a bedroom, so much for finding a three bed place.

I distributed the suitcases to the relevant rooms and went back to the living room. Debbie and I decided we had better get some food in, we could not live on beer alone!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Entering New Zealand

Well, we were here!

The plane taxied to the gate for us to exit and we realised that Auckland airport was more like Luton than Heathrow!
The seatbelt on lights went out as the plane docked and the air hostess's opened open the planes doors.
We gathered up Mackenzie and Freya, along with the four pieces of hand luggage we had brought on and shuffled towards the plane exit, me manically checking we had all the passports ;-)

As we stepped into the walkway we said goodbye to the hostess's who were cooing over the children saying how polite they had been. Mackenzie and Freya waved goodbye and started to walk down to the Immigration desks.

When we got to the desks we were waved through to a shorter queue for people with special needs or small children.
We approached the Immigration officer at her desk, I produced the passports and the immigration documents we had to complete during the last flight, the lady was friendly and asked us if we had been here before as she ran our passports through the readers to check our visa's; she smiled when we said we had not!

All was in order and she welcomed us and wished us all good luck.

We moved on to the next stage, collecting all the luggage, and clearing MAF (Customs). As we arrived at the conveyor belts I spotted on of my bags on the floor already as I approached to pick it up, a MAF officer with a beagle dog came up to me , she said the dog had picked up the scent of something and she needed to check the bag. Great!

She checked the bag and no illegal contraband was to be found, she asked when I had used the bag and what had been in it, I had not used it for a while and was as puzzled she was as the dog still was interested in it…. Perhaps it was my aftershave! Anyway she was happy that I had not smuggled any illicit food items in to New Zealand and let me catty on to collect the rest of the luggage.

Debbie had rounded up three trolleys with the help of Mackenzie & Freya and was watching our luggage going round the carousel, so I dived in and grabbed our luggage off it and started to load up the trolleys. When all three were fully laden with the eight large suitcases, the children's car seats and the four pieces of hand luggage we made our way to the next 'hurdle' the MAF counter to have our customs forms inspected. The queue was not too bad and we handed our forms to the man on his 'stand' and asked him if the kids sweets were okay to bring in.. Which he said was okay, and checked the form we had also completed on the plane. He was satisfied with our answers and waved us through, we made our way to another queue and the final hurdle.

The last set of checks involved putting everything through an x-ray machine so MAF can make a final check to ensure nothing that could upset the New Zealand environment and ecosystems made it way in. As we queued up we could see the arrival lounge area where people were waiting to meet friends and relatives. Our turn came and I had the task of putting all the carefully loaded (heavy!) luggage on to the conveyor belt to be scanned through the machine. As we walked round to gather our stuff up fro the other side the man operating the machine question me; "Are these gum shoes in the suitcase?" Gum Shoes?, what the hell are they I thought and shot Debbie a puzzled look… I then realised he meant Wellies, Wellington boots. He was concerned that there may be mud on them… Debbie stepped in and answered the question that he had not asked yet; "Yes the kids Wellies are in there and I cleaned them with Jeys Fluid first." Satisfied that the boots had been cleaned and disinfected, he let us continue without having to open the luggage. I quickly reloaded the trolleys again and with the help of Debbie and the kids we rolled forward into the arrivals area.

We were in! and now had to pick up the rental car we had arranged, I found the nominated exit gate the rental firm had told me and we made our way to the outside. As I wanted to find the pickup bus to take us to the rental office I left Debbie with trolleys and the kids. While I was searching for the courtesy bus , two different Kiwi's asked her if they could help. The locals were friendly!

After a short wait the bus arrived with a trailer, and the driver helped me load up the trailer, which we  promptly filled and we jumped into the bus eager to leave the airport campus. We sped off and to start the next challenge, driving and navigating our way across Auckland to our 'bach'.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


The Flights

Catch up Posting:

Well, as I sat back with my drink in hand, Mackenzie looked out of his window to the right of me and Freya was looking around her, in the seat behind with Debbie.

I started to wind down and started to wonder about the next challenge; How were the kids going to cope with the flights?

26hrs flying time is a stretch for anyone, let alone a nearly 3 and nearly 5 year olds.

The first take of was fine the kids had no problems with there ears, I showed Mackenzie the 'gold fish' technique to equalise his ears, which he thought was great. Freya was a sleep practically before the plane left the ground!

After we levelled out we made the kids seats go to there flat position and they settled down to go to sleep.

The first leg of the flight was a blur of good food, fine wine, films and sleep:
We had pre booked the meals via the EVA website, we could see what the meals looked like and booking online gave us additional choices.

The food and service was excellent, each round of food involved an excellent wine selection and four/five courses. Even the breakfast was four courses and Mackenzie was complaining that he did not usually get a 'pudding' with his breakfast!

The In-flight entertainment for the grownups was good, lots of current films and a few classics, all on our own personal screens and 'on demand'. There was a lot of additional channels with sports, documentaries and music. The children's channels were a little lacking and the kid must have watched a programme call 'New McDonalds Farm' a least a dozen times over the two legs, they did not seem to mind. Mackenzie has now developed an interest in all Land Rover's having watched a documentary on there history!

The first plane was a Boeing 777 and must have been almost brand new, the second plane an Airbus A330 (I think), and I have to say the 777 had the wider seats and made it easy to sleep in when flat.

The refuel on the first leg in Bangkok went without incident we left the plane walked up a corridor and up some escaltors and back on ourselves to be able to see our plane being refueled and cargo being taken off and reloaded with other cargo. The kids though it was great and I have to say the movable conveyor belt loaders they were using for the cargo was the widiest vechicle I have ever seen!

I don't think the kids really understood the concept of being in a completely different country thugh, Mackenzie spotting a 'Tesco' as we took off from Bangkok did not help either.

When we got to Taipei we walked to the next gate to pick up the second plane down to Auckland, New Zealand and again were in a very smart neutral waiting lounge. We could have been still in Heathrow! After a very short wait we got on to the flight and settled down for out final destination….

As with the first leg, the flight was a blur, the kids behaved brilliantly and charmed the air hostesses and received lots of attention in return.

As we approched New Zealand and the start of a new day, we had a breakfast and started to look for glimpses of our new home. Debbie and I exchanged glances the real start of our 'adventure' was going to start….

Our first glances of NZ were stunning, it was a briliant sunny day and there were minimal clouds in the sky, we could see the forests , coast line and blue sea. As we headed in towards Auckland we could see the build up of houses and the light industrial surrounds. The landing was smooth and as we came to a halt we all peered out side, we had landed and were finally here! The first challenge was to get through Immigration and activate our visa's.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


'Check in'

Catch up posting:

Well I was at the airport, with my passport, I just needed the rest of the family!

Debbie and the rest of the family arrived at about 18:15, a little bit later than we intended, but with plenty of time for our 21:30 flights we thought….

We unloaded the taxi, and I soon realised that the two trolleys Debbie and I could handle with the two kids would not be adequate…. So I called a porter over, I really had enough and wanted to check in, well worth the £15.00.

We got to our check in area for EVA,  and I asked if this was the right area for us and was told by a slightly curt 'helper' that this was, and we got into the short queue.

When we were being seen to we were informed there was a separate check in desk for the business class travellers, which of course , was empty.

She said she could check us in but would need to go over the business class desk to print our tickets and passes out.
We then started to check the bags in 8 suitcases and the two car seats wrapped together as another large item.
The check in lady added all the luggage weights together and it totalled a whopping 168kg, we were officially entitled to 120kg and had spoken to the airlines and they said we would be okay for a further 3kg each taking us to 132 kg…. So she had to inform the supervisor. He came over and stated that we were over the allowance and he would have to charge us. We knew the excess charges were £30  per kg and knew this could be horrendous….. After some negotiation I managed to get the amount down to 5kg and £150…. Not ideal but what could we do? 

We had checked the weights at home, our scales must be out, god knows what we really weigh as well!

After I queued up to collect the tickets and pay the excess charges we made our way to the security gate and departures…

It was not pretty, but luckily we were allowed through the 'invite only' queue for the security , and this avoided the queue of people trying to fit their hand luggage into the 'boxes' that made sure they were the right size.

Ours would have fitted but the it would have required some pushing to get them in….

After the first phase we then got into the queue for the actual security check, it was moving slowly and we got see bins full of 'illegal' contraband that had been confiscated.

We finally got to the x-ray machines and loaded our hand luggage up , along with our shoes and my belt.
As we passed through, two of our bags were stopped for further inspection, mine and Debbie's, mine was soon cleared but Debbie had the kids medicines. They did not like the epipens for Mackenzie, but were okay when the doctors letter was produced. The other drugs we were told we could take were confiscated, although we were allowed to give the kids a dose of 'Mediced' before it was taken off us.

We made it through finally! I quickly changed up some pounds for $500 NZ dollars and we made our way to the business lounge, it was 20:45, so we just had time for a quick drink and to get the kids in to their pyjamas , before the flight was called for final check in. We had to rush to the gate, where we were put to the front of the queue as we were business class and had the kids…

As we finally stepped onto the plane and was escorted to our seats I started to relax, and when I saw the seats I was really pleased.

The business class seats looked awesome, only 3 pairs across the width of the plane. We were allocated two pairs , one behind the other by the windows, our overhead lockers were huge, and the two pieces of hand luggage we were allowed to take on looked lost in each of the two lockers we had…

As we sat down , I knew the decision to go business was justified, the seats were huge and very comfortable, with loads of leg room..

The hostess gave us some drinks as the rest of the passengers trundled past us to get to the rest of the seats at the back of the plane, we got a lot of envious looks!

We settled down for the next 26 hrs of flying.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The Flying Day : Lost & Found Part Two

Catch up posting:

Well what can I say, I was flapping and did not know how to break the news to Debbie.
Debbie took it really well, and was calm about it, and talked me through where I had been and where I had used my passport.

I said that I had back tracked everywhere, and it was not to be found….

Debbie went off to make some calls, contacting the passport office, New Zealand House and TEG (The Emigration Group) to see what could be done.

We were due to fly at 21:30 and needed to be there at 18:30.

I repeated my search and went back to the old house one more time, the Flecks (new owners) were there and they opened the garage up for me to check in there, I had not managed to get in there on my last check of the house…

But, no , it was not there…..

Debbie got back to me and said the passport office would not be able to do anything today, but had made an appointment to see them tomorrow!

My heart sank, I had really screwed the flights out.
New Zealand House said they could reissue the visa's when I had the new passport, but could take a week to do.

All sorts of thoughts went through my head.
Debbie remained calm.

I felt numb, and decided to go back to the post office and check at the counter again.
As I approached the counter I was in a daze, I was going through the motions really, I had to do something.
I asked the manager who was behind the counter if anyone had handed in a passport….. To which he replied 'YES'.
I was speechless, he got the passport and checked the photo, to make sure it was me..
(What other idiot would lose their passport on the same day / town & time frame?)
Happy it was me, he handed it over and I was back up and running…

I phoned Debbie and gave her the good news, she burst into tears and had to hand the home to Marta, who was also in tears.

I quickly finished off the post redirect, went to the bank and to complete the CHAPS payments, who were slow and informed me that even though the money was in my account they could not sent it until tomorrow as, in theory, the instruction could still be reversed!

By this time, nothing was going to phase me, the last two hours had been hell, so let it go.

As I had lost so much time, here was no way I could get back to Crowthorne in time to make the taxi, so I phoned Debbie and said I would meet her at Heathrow.

So that left her to get 8 large bags (168kg it turned out!) and two small children to the airport on her own.

I got the train from Paddock Wood to Charing Cross, the tube to Paddington, and then got the Heathrow Express to the airport.

I got there for 17:15, well early!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


The Flying Day : Lost & Found Part One

Catch up posting:

Well they day seemed to start so well, we were packed and had a good night's kip
at Julian & Marta's.
I had a nice breakfast and was set to take on the last day's activities:

Drive back to Paddock Wood.
Take the rubbish to the tip.
Hoover the last bedroom.
Wait for the money to arrive on the completion of the contract.
Take the keys to the Estate agents.
Set up the post redirect.
Set up the money transfers to HIFX for our KIWI dollars.
Get back via train to Crowthorne for the taxi pickup @ 17:00 to get to Heathrow
for 18:00....

Well all was going well, I got to Paddock Wood in reasonable time.
Got the stuff to the tip.
Got a call saying our money was on the way to our bank account.
Handed over the keys to the estate agent.
Got the forms from the Post Office.
Went to the Natwest to sort out the CHAPS payment, they asked for my prove of ID....
and I could not find my passport! I had lost it....
My face must have been a picture of pure horror, the lady said to me not to panic
, it must be around somewhere....

I did not know where it had gone, I had left Julian's with it. My head went into
a spin and i grabbed all the paper work and maniacally started back tracking my

I went back to the estate agents, the tip, the old house ( I managed to get in as
I had not locked the back door!) I could not find it.

I then called Debbie, it was not good news.

Part Two to follow.

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